Saturday, January 12, 2013

Planning School Holiday Fun with the kids input

My Husband is presently on holidays for 2 weeks.. So he is nearly 1 whole week into his holidays.. This past week was all about 'back to school' - organising the kids books, uniforms, school bags etc.. That, I can say with genuine relief is now all FINISHED! Yesterday and today have been about getting the little jobs around the house done.. so yesterday we re-hung all of the photo frames on the wall, tethered some of the furniture to the walls, did a general spring clean and got on top of all the washing - today Hubby has been doing the yard work, taking down the Christmas lights (funny how you tend to forget the ones on the roof!) so by tomorrow we should be ready for a week of School holiday fun!!

So yesterday I gave each of us (including myself ~ for Mr 1 of course) 2 pieces of note paper and asked the kids to write down 2 activities they would like to do on the holidays.. I stipulated they had to be realistic and affordable and then on the overside they could write 1 activity they thought they would love to do, but mightn't be realistic or affordable (as sometimes you never know your luck..)  Hubby and I did this also and we got a great response.. Hubby was hoping they would all write down the same thing so we could get out of it easy, but no such luck lol.

We had varied responses from going scooter riding at the park to going to Movie World.. My favourite was the idea of a Beach holiday or Shopping at Pacific Fair (funnily enough Mr 1 requested both of these things ;). So we compiled a 'doable' list & this is what we have based next weeks plans loosely around.

It's a great idea as at the end of the holidays the kids can't say we didn't do anything they wanted to do & we've been able to keep them entertained for minimal cost as asking them to consider affordability made a lot of their requests very wallet-friendly. It was also nice to see some of the things they valued such as 'having a BBQ dinner' 'a movie/Wii night with the family' were just lovely 'together' things. The elder two tried to plot an escape by writing down 'sleeping at friends houses' which Hubby & I also didn't think was a bad idea (pre-teens can be a little tedious at times)

So yes, next week's holiday plans are pretty well all mapped out, kicking off Sunday for my Birthday & continuing till Sunday next week & then we'll work out a week of fun for me & the kids to do for the last week when Hubby trudges back to work (or skips back happily - odd mental image :\)

How do you plan holiday activities? Do your kids get input into the activities you do?

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