Friday, January 18, 2013

Bunk beds!

We've had bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds, day beds & toddler beds for our kids (mostly my boys just choose to sleep in our King bed!) But last week I got another set of bunk beds for the boys room (even after swearing a couple of years ago I would NEVER get bunks again!) So why now the change of heart?

We are fortunate in our home to have spacious bedrooms, so the three elder boys share a room. Typically Mr 7 & Mr 9 have had a single & Mr 12 who is only here every other weekend has a trundle that pushes away... Said trundle was getting to be a pain! Which Iv particularly noticed while he has been here for a lengthier stay over the holidays.. For 1, he is in the middle of the room on a trundle, which makes for interesting navigating in the dark.. For 2 on the trundle he slept alongside Mr 7 & Mr 12 snores which makes Mr 7 freak out & 3. Getting the trundle in & out every night & asking a preteen to 'neatly' put it away each morning just isn't happening..

So yes, I resorted to a bunk bed in hopes that Mr 12 will get a better nights sleep & the room will function better with a more organised approach. A fan of Facebook Garage Sales I was able to pick up an IKEA Tromso Bunk bed in VGC (surprisingly it was! Like new!) for $100 & installed it where Mr 9's single bed was. Yay? Not so.. Mr 7 wasn't impressed... "Why don't I get a bunk bed?" "Where's my bunk bed" "I want to sleep on a bunk" "It's not fair.." etc etc & every other variation of the afore mentioned whine x 1000.

Enter... Compromise! Mummy put on her thinking cap & decided that if Mr 7 can learn to go to bed by himself in the evenings (after story time of course! I cant go cold turkey!) without me sitting at the end of his bed each night we will buy him bunks too :) lucky IKEA still stocks the same bunks! And although he will have to start on the bottom bunk he can still work his way to the top bunk.. That seemed to make Mr 7 very happy & the tears stopped instantaneously! Win/win.

So we're taking baby steps at the moment.. Iv gone from laying in his bed, to sitting on the end, to sitting on a chair.. I don't know how I'll go when I no longer have to be there when he dozes off, it's become such a part of our nighttime routine.. I will probably miss it more than he does :) Isn't that always the way?

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