Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Day In The Big Smoke

Art Gallery Exhibit: Family Portrait from Kazakhstan 

At least once during each school holidays I love to take the kids {and myself} into the City. The kids get a kick out of the Museum, Art Gallery/ies & State Library and its fantastic as they can always be relied upon for a great, cost effective day out!

I packed morning tea (choc chip hot cross buns & fruit) but was disappointed to find I'd left my cooler bag behind when we got there ~ so Subway it was! I love Subway because with 4 kids to feed (Mr 1 isn't keen on subs yet) I buy 2 foot longs & give them 1/2 each, it works out to be a lot cheaper than buying 4 x 6" subs (which I used to do till I had my light bulb moment!)
He's not too scary.. he's {was} a plant eater. 

We went to the Museum first & checked out the Dinosaurs, the boys loved the big displays of prehistoric Dino bones & even Mr 1 roared every time I mentioned the word 'dino' {so cute}. 

Checking out the QLD exhibit at the Queensland Museum 
The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is my favourite place of all three as there are always so many exciting kids activities & stunning artworks to view. The kids got a 'family portrait' taken as if they were a tourist, made masks, animation & viewed many fabulous art works from the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial Collection they have on display at the moment until 14th April ~ we were in there a long time before finishing off at the State Library where the kids sniffed out a games area 'Garage Gamer' where they played Fruit Ninja on the big screen & hunted down iPads & technology to feed their addictions.. Meanwhile Mr 1 & I played blocks supposedly making our ultimate Gaming Universe.. Or towers to knock down so it seemed :)

Art work at GOMA

Mr 12's idea of a Masterpiece
The other's made these at the Blue/Yellow exhibit

Mr 1 was having a great time playing blocks!
After all that kid stuff it was time to hike into the city and check out MYER.. My shop was short lived though as it was a long walk back to the car, so we fuelled up with some Gelati from Gelatissimo before heading back. Mr 12 suggested catching buses, taxi's, bike taxi's & crawling (anything but walking) what is the matter with kids legs these days???

And I ask once again.. what is the matter with kids legs these days????

What a loooong but great day.. It was nice to get out there amongst culture, education and all things not iPod, iPad or Wii! :)

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