Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Eve & My New Years Resolutions (Realistic Version)

Well it's not quite yet New Years Eve, but it's fairly close.. Less than one hour till the last day of 2012. Wow, where has the year gone?? I can see what they mean now that time goes by so quickly when your older.. Because it just feels like yesterday that it was Easter (it also looks like it with hot cross buns & Easter chocolate in the shops ~ but let's leave that convo to another day!) so as I was saying, it just felt like Easter yesterday & now I'm packing up my Christmas tree & ornaments for another year.

2012 has been a good year, I'm sure there is room for improvement (take note 2013) but on the whole I really have little to complain about in comparison to the year others have had & I am thankful & grateful for what I do have in life.

So going forth into 2013 what are my New Years Resolutions.. Do I keep track of them? not all that often.. Do I stick to them? Rarely.. So why make them? Because it plants those ideas in my mind & I mightn't have much success but at least I tried :) that counts for something right?

Danielle's New Year Resolutions for 2013
1. Be happy & thankful for what I have in life.
2. Aim to be healthier through exercise & healthy eating choices.
3. Stop drinking Coke!!
4. Give-away any chocolate remaining from Christmas.
5. Budget better & tighten the reins on the finances..
6. In turn, pay off debts.
7. Go back to work 1 day per week
8. Help the boys get better sleep routines
9. Spend more time disconnected from social media & more time connected with family.
10. Watch a movie with my Husband once a week.

I think I have covered everyone & I'm fairly certain the goals I have set are achievable so it's really just about striving towards them at a steady, realistic pace (after Iv eaten all the Lindt balls because I really couldn't see myself willingly giving them away)

So tomorrow I will spend the day with those I love (eating Lindt balls) & generally bringing the new year in with the Christmas crackers I forgot to put out on Christmas Day! Maybe I should pencil in an 11. Improve my memory!

How are you spending New Years Eve? Enjoy xx

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