Monday, November 05, 2012

Photo A Day - October (#fmsphotoaday)

The past month I have been participating in the 'Photo a Day' challenge outlined on the blog of 'Fat Mum Slim' Its been a lot of fun and whilst some days my posts are far from creative and I miss a day or two here (better than September where I managed to take 2!)it's been something fun to participate in and I plan on joining in again this month too..

Here was the list from October..

Day 1: Where You Stood.

Day 2 Lunchtime
Day 3: This Happened Today  
Day 4: What You Read  

Day 5: Shadow
Day 6: Im Thankful for..
 Day 7: Light
 Day 8: Angle
Day 9: Red
Day 10: Emotion
Day 11. Something Close Up
Day 12: On the Table
Day 13: Landscape
Day 14: Makes You Laugh
Day 15: Dinner
 Day 17: Fruit
Day 23: The View from Here

Day 24: Weather 

Day 26: Listening To 
Day 27: Morning
 Day 29: Moon
Day 31: Whatever You Please..

Here is this months list; You should check it out if you dont already play along. It is good fun and it's just another way to notice how fast the days are zooming by, it will be Christmas before we know it!




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