Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Spring List

Now that it's Spring I thought I might jot down a list of things i'd love to do this season.

I'm loving the warmer weather, sunny days make me feel so good inside -Energised, refreshed & motivated!

* Finish planting my flower garden!
* Plant a veggie garden with the kids (or at least a tomato plant!)
* Water the grass to get it ready for the warmer weather.
* Buy a super bright pair of shoes!
* Get a pedicure to make my feet thong-worthy!
* Enjoy afternoon walks
* Picnic in the park
* Travel to the beach
* Spring clean! including washing all the windows & curtains.
* Wash the dogs
* Set up a fish tank
* BBQ more!
* Put in some garden lighting
* Use the washing line everyday! Abolish the dryer!
* Go to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.
* Wake up the kids to see a sunrise
* Look at the stars more!

I'll have a to-do list for the upcoming September/October school holidays too, but if I get all of these things done this Spring I'll be very happy :-D

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