Friday, June 29, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

Well we are six days into the school holidays (Yippee) and we haven't seen much sunshine.. The kids have been unable to go out into the rain to play (for fear of melting) and we hadn't ventured far as my eldest Son was visiting with his Dad for the first part of the school holidays (also on a rained out holiday!) so we were waiting for him to rejoin the tribe before visiting the school holiday regulars (museum, art gallery etc). 
It has given us time however, as my hubby is also on 2 weeks holidays to get the odd jobs that have been niggling at us around the house.. I am well and truly on a decluttering mission and for the first time ever, WINNING!

Talk about winning.. I won a double pass to see 'What to Expect when you are Expecting' through the Safe n Sound Facebook page.. I was so stoked and had all of these lovely visions of me, myself and I sitting in the cinema relaxing and kicking back to my own company and enjoying the movie i'd been hoping to see, but each afternoon when I check the mail box i'm deeply depressed because they're not here yet!  They told me they would be posting them on Thursday! I hope they show up soon, I would love a little 'Mummy Break' right about now.. 

It's been odd having all of the kidlet's home for not 1 but 2 whole weeks these holidays.. We made an agreement with their bio-Mum last year that we would take a 2 week block each and split the other holidays 50/50.. it's worked out well so far, but means the next term (when we don't have them) we won't get to see them as much.. but it is much better for organising trips away etc (maybe next year when we have the warmer 2 week break!)  

Oh well id best get a little snooze in before my bed is invaded by not only 1 but 2 children each night now! More on that bad habit another post... 

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