Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to School..

Well the kids headed back to school today, I can't quite believe how FAST the holidays went! I could still do with an extra week (or two) I think.  So today is all about tidying up the kids bedrooms after the break, cleaning out the car after our holiday and topping up the fridge and the pantry before school pick up!   This term 2 of my 3 stepchildren come back to live with us for the entire term (aside from every second weekend) so the house will be a little more busier than normal. 

However, my eldest stepson, who turns 11 tomorrow, has decided to trial living with his Mum this term (aside from every second weekend)  and this was a decision we felt he was at liberty to make as it's something he has desired for many years now.. So that will be a big change in our household that will take a little getting used to over the upcoming weeks but we wish him the best & he knows he is always welcome back. 

This morning my Stepdaughter Hayley went off to school camp - rather excited and each of the boys went to school elated to have $1 in their pockets to buy a fundraising chocolate with..

Life is busy, life is good.. life is normal :)


  1. Hi, ours don't go back till next Thursday, how weird are these start back times.
    I love your blog & hearing all about your expanding family.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.
    And yes, my back to school start always involves cleaning bedrooms, stocking the fridge & sorting, never ends, but your right its the good stuff, its normal. I revel in normal. It is a gift.

  2. Hi Niki, thank you! I too love catching up on your blog.. We had a lovely easter, thank you.. I hope your family did too :-)

    These holidays certainly have had weird start back times thats for sure! Even different schools in our area have varied by weeks/days.. insane!

    Thank you for your lovely comment & thanks for reading xo