Thursday, June 02, 2011

Isn't technology amazing..

Yesterday I went along and had a non-diagnostic 4D scan performed, Initially I had said I wasn't going to, as I wanted to leave something as a 'surprise' but in the end I decided to book in for one as my earlier scans never really gave me much insight into the little life growing inside of me.  I was so glad I did have a 4D scan now, because it was an absolutely awesome experience!  The place where I went was so lovely and professional and the ladies they couldn't have been nicer.  Up to 10 people were allowed to come and view the images, so Hubby, the kids and Mum came along for the experience which was so lovely having them all there and they were so in awe of what they saw on screen also.  The room was set up with recliners for the guests and a super comfy double bed for me to lie on, which tilted so I could see the screen.  The screen was massive and very easy to see the images on.

What we saw was that our baby is definitely a boy !! And he was in there sucking on the cord, hanging onto his feet and then he snuggled up and went to sleep.  At the end of the scan we got a page full of images, a DVD of the session and a cute little keyring. Mum bought a few additional key rings for us all and off we went.. since then, its been odd when the little guy moves, in a way knowing what he looks like.. it feels pretty surreal but its definitely bought a different level to the bond I feel at this point in time I'm anticipating meeting this little person, in person and taking in those chubby cheeks and lips..

I loved sharing this moment with the kids too, like all of the cuddles they give my tummy and how they talk to the little guy through my belly button, its been adorable hearing my Son talking about being an older brother and how he wants to teach his little brother all about the world.  With a little under 2 months to go the little guy has already found a  firm place in our family and the hearts of us all.

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  1. Oh, reading that bought tears to my eyes, nothing more exciting than celebrating life, that first moment you know you're pregnant, sharing it with others, and that moment you had, when you discover the first thing about who your little person really is. Congratulations. Little boys just melt your heart. I'm sure the kids will love thinking about their little brother leading up to your birth.