Monday, March 21, 2011

Space for Tween's...

I have two 'tweens', you know the age 9 (going on 10) and 10 (going on 11).. They have outgrown many of their younger childhood toys, feel they should be treated older and most definitely crave their own space, particularly away from each other & their two younger siblings who are aged 7 and 6. I tried a little experiment starting a couple of weeks ago, whereby I was seeing how they went at making their beds and keeping their rooms tidy and organised.. needless to say it was an abomination!

The Before's!

So today I caved and tidied their rooms for them.. I could no longer stand walking past their rooms and looking at the mess.. I love their beds, they are loft beds with a desk, drawers, wardrobe etc all built in, so they are the ultimate space savers which is handy in a house of soon to be 5 kids! Today I have focussed on the lower half of the space, tomorrow I will remake their beds with fresh linen etc.

My Stepson aged 10, enjoys reading, playing his DS, playing lego, sketching and his Bop-it indoors.. We added a computer and a desk lamp to his desk today, so I know when he returns on the weekend he is going to be super impressed by the new setup.. here's hoping he keeps it clean!

And my stepdaughter she enjoys much of the same, plus Littlest Petshop, Pixel Chix, Beado's and making her friends endless books, cards, friendship bracelets etc etc. she is also branching into an interest in scrapbooking and beadmaking, so I have set her up some baskets to contain all of her supplies;

So now iv cleaned up, I think I'll find it much easier to keep it clean (and for them to keep it clean..) and hopefully it will spark some new interests for the both of them! 

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  1. Your organizational skills are impressive!

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