Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 30th to Me!

One week ago I turned 30.. but in the madness of the week that was (and wasn't) we have stretched my birthday out over the entire week and celebrated in dribs and drabs. How special, having a birthday week, instead of just one day!

I awoke on my birthday to the phone ringing at 7:15am, it was my Mum wishing me a happy birthday - she is an early riser!   It was a lovely phone call, but it was also lovely to get Birthday hugs from my Son and sleep in a little longer!   The 2nd time when I got up was at a more civilised hour  at my Aunties place, as we were staying there in case our home was affected by the flood to lots of cuddles and birthday wishes from my Nan, Aunty, Pop, Kids and cousins (which was lovely..)

I had a slow morning followed by a walk in the fresh air (cabin fever!) and a lovely BBQ lunch with my Nan, Pop, Aunty and Uncle. In the afternoon we came back home to a dry house (best present ever) and unpacked the house and settled back in.. As we had little food in the house we had McDonald's for dinner (thankfully before their limited menu kicked in..) and we all had an early night in the name of exhaustion and being in our own beds..

Yesterday my dear friend Kym popped over for a visit and spoilt me with a lovely pressie and cake, which we had last night, it was so gorgeous and yummy!

And today (or tomorrow..) whenever I go to bed and wake up again.. we will be doing a final birthday rerun, card - present and all.. the day we planned last Thursday, if not for the flood..

Then my birthday will be done and dusted for another year.. and what a year I hope it to be!

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