Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ordered my new Project Life tonight!

I just pre-ordered my new Project Life kit for 2011. Super excited! I guess I'd better hurry up and catch up on my 2010 Project Life or i'll never fill it in time to use the new one.  Project Life has been a fun hobby of mine this year and I have enjoyed documenting our lives through a daily photograph and journal cards, although at times I have slacked off! I chose the Turquoise design for the upcoming year over the Amber design as I think it will compliment my photographs nicely and be a nice contrast to this years.

I havent taken any recent photographs of my layouts etc, but I thoroughly enjoy documenting the kids and our daily lives in the weekly entries, I think it will be an awesome reflective tool for them to look back on over the years. I think next week Ill start participating in Project Life Tuesday again! might motivate me to keep on track with it all.

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